Editing Shadows…

Happy 4th of July to all USA peeps! I decided a couple months back to give Soul Census a little more polish. To that end, I got back a nice shiny re-edit from my new editor (thanks Amanda!) and have uploaded that to all online retailers. I am also having the wonderful duo at Jools & Jarling create me a kick-ass new cover for Soul Census that better captures what the book is really about. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, we should have it incorporated into both the eBook and print covers.

On another note, I am also busy working on the sequel, tentatively titled “Soul Census: War of Shadows.” I may share little snippets on here as it gets fleshed out. My goal is to have the first draft done by the end of the year and ready for publication in early 2020. 

As an aside, I am also having my editor do a pass on Majesty’s Offspring. It needs some love. After I’m done with War of Shadows, I’m going to get started on Majesty’s sequel (or prequel, still mulling that over.)

Well, till I have something better to share… happy reading, writing, firing bottle rockets into the air, or whatever you do 🙂


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